Middle/High School

"Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children." - E.G. White. Education, page 19.

Take a Look Back at the 2019 Senior Class

High School Experience

The Senior Class Trip to

Glacier NaTIONl Park

WMA Graduates Shine 

Another proud moment that WMA seniors rise above!

Seniors that received scholarships and the amount.

  • Misty Maxwell - $147,000.00  - will attend Southern Adventist University

  • Richard Zhang - $72,000.00 - will attend Southern Adventist University

  • Abel Barroso-Palenzuela - $59,000.00 - will attend Southern Adventist University 

  • Levi Hanson - $33,000.00 - will attend Southern Adventist University

  • Ashley Gamez - $25,000.00 - will attend Southern Adventist University

  • Ifiok Edemidiong - $25,000.00 - will attend Southern Adventist University

  • Zarlinn Medina - $25,000.00 - will attend South Florida State College

  • Isaac Hernandez - $13,000.00 - will attend Adventhealth University

The Eighth grade class trip to 

Washington d.c.

Sampling of Student Work
Examples of Field Trips
wma_canoetrip_canoeing (1).jpg

Students canoe the Peace river to enhance their insect collection.


Cumberland Island National Park offers the 9th graders an exciting opportunity to explore the beautiful maritime forest and beach.


Along the Chattooga river students learn and study ecological principles.


Sophomores explore the beauty of the Florida Keys mangroves and coral reefs.