Archaeology @ WMA

Since 1995, Walker Memorial Academy (WMA), has offered an elective honors course in Archaeology.  The course offerings include membership in Kissimmee Valley Archaeological and Historical Conservancy (KVAHC).  This membership entitles students to participate in monthly excavations at the Blueberry Site, and monthly meetings to hear lectures of visiting archaeologists.

Students will journal extensively during the course.  Because of the destructive nature of archaeology, paperwork is essential.  Careful record keeping is a necessity, not just for a letter grade, but to document the excavation.


The collaboration between the students and the archaeologists will further our knowledge of the Belle Glade culture that existing for hundreds of years before the invasion of this continent by the Europeans.  Therefore, WMA students are assisting in developing valuable information that will become insights into the pre-history of Florida.


The Blueberry Dig on Friday, February 21, 2020

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