Air Quality Monitoring

This map is a screen shot showing our monitor on the campus of Walker Memorial Academy.  Click on the map and it will direct you to the live data map to see monitors on a world map in real time from over 1200 monitors all around the world.  Explore.

Who is PurpleAir and how did this get started? 

We are a grassroots group with a technical background that wanted to measure the pollution coming from a mining operation in our backyard. The website and map was started in November 2015. Sharing the data and our research with others created a need for more monitors, to expand the network and to test the sensors by collocating them with other monitors.

What do the numbers on the PurpleAir map mean?

The PurpleAir Map displays the points using the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Air Quality Index (AQI) scale. The AQI allows comparison for different pollutants with an easy to visualize color scheme. The air goes from good green air to yellow to orange to red to purple air, or even hazardous maroon air. The graphs give further information on different counts, relative weights and sizes of particles in the air.


Is PurpleAir a non-profit organization?

PurpleAir operate under an llc. We reached this point by using our own resources, some donations and help from friends. Due to numerous requests for sensors, in late February 2016 PurpleAir accepted pre-orders of a small batch of prototype sensors. Since that time, we have made over 500 air quality sensors.

How do PurpleAir sensors work?

They use laser beams to detect the particles going past by their reflectivity, like dust shimmering in a sunbeam. The PM 2.5 and PM 10 micro-gram weights are calculated from the counts. The values are averaged every 20 seconds and graphically displayed on our website.

What pollutants does PurpleAir Monitor?

PurpleAir displays the particulate matter numbers, in both the PM 2.5 and PM 10 range, We also track particle counts in six sizes between 0.3um and 10.0um in diameter.

How can I get PurpleAir data?

The simplest way to view our data is the PurpleAir Map.

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